Province wise Awareness Sessions

Objective of the Conducting Awareness Sessions for Government Organizations on LGN 2.0:

  • Provide Awareness sessions for selected LGN 2.0 Users from Divisional secretariat, Hospitals, Head offices related to ministries etc.
  • From each organization, 2 Staff Members are to be nominated for each of these awareness sessions
  • 11 sessions are planned to be held in 11 selected locations in each province.
  • Already completed 9 sessions and 2 sessions are cancelled.

Planned Schedule

Awareness Session Schedule Date Location No of Participants Status
Session 1 21-Dec-2017 Colombo 60 Completed
Session 2 24-Jul-2018 Colombo 250 Completed
Session 3 10-Aug-2018 Kandy 185 Completed
Session 4 24-Aug-2018 Jaffna 172 Completed
Session 5 14-Sep-2018 Badulla 127 Completed
Session 6 05-Oct-2018 Kurunegala 173 Completed
Session 7 29-Oct-2018 Galle 202 Completed
Session 8 25-Jan-2019 Anuradapura 129 Completed
Session 9 25-Feb-2019 Trincomalee 191 Completed
Session 10 23-Apr-2019 Rathnapura 127 Cancelled
Session 11 12-May-2019 Colombo 279 Cancelled

Conduct System Admin Training for LGN 2.0 IT Administrators

Expected Outcomes of the User Training

  • Trainee will train to handle day to day Technical Issues
  • Trainee will get clear idea about the services offered by with LGN
  • Training will help to troubleshoot and manage the issues which need to be escalated to LGN help desk ( LGII )
  • Maintaining and operate the site with minimum issues
  • Encourage the staff to use IT services allocated to increase efficiency of their Duties
  • Improve the efficiency of the services offered by the government organizations.

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